The Team ALPEN SEPP introduces itself

Here they are, the creative minds behind the Alpine project and behind the direct marketing cheese idea Alpen Sepp. We have all put passion, time, money and heart and soul into this Alpine cheese idea with the aim of making a lasting and effective difference.


Stephan Hohn
Marketing & SEO

Stephan is the networker of Alpen Sepp. He always finds new ideas and recognizes opportunities.


Dietmar Hohn
Development & Grafik

Dietmar is the technician from Alpen Sepp. He always manages to bring an idea into reality.


Petra Rosin
Creative ideas

Petra supports the team Alpen Sepp significantly with the lyrics and delivers brilliant ideas. The idea for the name “Alpen Sepp” came from Petra during a hike through our Alps.



Natalie Berchtold

Natalie is the always helpful organizational talent of Alpen Sepp. She coordinated the whole delicatessen process as well as the cutting and distribution of Alpen Sepp orders and parcels.


Hermann Berchtold
Master Cheesemaker and entrepreneur

Hermann is the soul behind our great variety of pleasures. When enjoyment and culinary delights become the topic, Hermann can report from the sewing box about delights around the globe. Ingenious!


Christof Schneider
Cheese maker

Christof has set himself the goal of actively supporting Hermann in the alpine dairy. Many of our cheese delicacies originate from his craftsmanship around cheese and the refinement of cheese varieties.