We are happy to answer every single question of our customers personally by e-mail and on the phone. Nevertheless we think that this collection of “questions and answers” can save you valuable time. Some questions simply repeat themselves.

Since the cheese is freshly cut down from the cheese wheel for each delivery, it is often not possible to meet the exact quantity of cheese required 100%. If the weight is too low, we simply add the missing piece. Of course you get the ordered amount of cheese or sometimes even more.

The cheese is vacuum packed in an airtight manner. If required, special packaging material is added to the packaging for cooling during the warmer seasons. Should the heat in the high summer months of July and August make delivery impossible, we will inform the customers concerned separately by e-mail.

The decisive factor is the temperature. If it is too warm, the cheese matures too quickly. If it is too cold, the aroma suffers. If it is too warm, the cheese begins to sweat and gradually dries out. The cheese is ideally stored chilled (at approx. 8-12°C) for approx. 3 months and longer.

We dispatch 1x weekly in fresh dispatch every Tuesday. Order deadline for the dispatch on Tuesday is always Sunday 22.00 the week before. The cheese is shipped by parcel service and should usually reach every destination in Austria and Germany within 48 hours at the latest. All other available countries by Friday at the latest. On public holidays during the week there may be delays in the delivery of cheese.

Yes, at least 1 kg of cheese must be ordered per order for mountain cheese or 1.5 kg for semi-hard cheese. The smallest unit is always displayed next (select tab) to the product.

Of course it’s not. Should you require a very large quantity of cheese, this is not a problem and we will discuss this with you.

Due to the partnership with DPD it is possible for us to ship relatively cheaply. You can find detailed information about shipping costs and to which countries we deliver on our shipping information page.

» Shipping costs and possible countries

Very rarely it can come to technical obstacles if for example old browsers are used. Based on 2 years of experience we have listed the most known problems on our own information page as a quick help if it simply doesn’t work.

» Quick help if the order does not work