Premium Cheese Fondue | Cheese ready-meal specialty made from hay milk® in a bag | aromatic + spicy | 500 grams


Facts box about cheese from Alpen Sepp

Maximum enjoyment during the cold winter season with our premium cheese fondue (66% cheese) dish for about 3 people!

100% HAY MILK ensures incomparable enjoyment with the cheese fondue – 500 grams, made with our valuable ARTISAN cheese types.

Basic price: € 31,48/kg


Käsefondue ist ein Traum - immer und vor allem in der kalten Jahreszeit

Ready to use cheese fondue – a fondue created with our cheeses – all made from 100% HEY MILK!

The organisation of our premium cheese fondue took longer than we planned. Our promise: You will taste it and discover for yourself: It was worth to wait for it!

Discover with this cheese dish a ready made cheese fondue – completely free from flavor enhancers and modified starch – but with over 66 % cheese content. Try to find such a cheese fondue somewhere else !

Say HELLO to the CHEESE FONDUE MAGIC of our Alps and just try it

Our alpine cheese fondue contains 66% hay milk cheeses in the ready to use fondue preparation – consisting of the cheeses mountain cheese, semi hard ​​cheeses and emmental cheese.

The fondue result of our dairymen is something to be proud of. Buy and try our ready-made cheese fondue specialty and delight your guests.

Step 1: Buy our ready to enjoy cheese fondue with very high cheese content

Step 2: Easiest and fastest cheese fondue preparation with our recipe

The quickest and easiest way is to buy first our ready-made cheese fondue. Rub the fondue pan with a clove of garlic. Then slowly heat up the cheese fondue mixture with a dash of lemon juice on the stove while stirring constantly over medium heat. In short time the cheese fondue is creamy bound and ready to eat.

Other accessories for your perfect cheese fondue:

With a glass of cherry brand, pepper and nutmeg, you can give your cheese fondue your personal flavor – milder or more spicy, depending on your taste. Afterwards cook it for another two minutes with constant stirring – and your cheese fondue from the alpine region is ready.

Our approach: Best cheeses and a special recipe for the extraordinary cheese fondue

Cheese fondue taste intensity (mild – spicy)

tender spicy

Consistency cheese fondue (liquid – tough)

Fondue sticks to the piece of bread and does not run down

Cheese fondue storage (1 – 30 days)

at least 4 weeks in the fridge or freeze for longer

Accessories: cheese fondue ceramic set

Ceramic cheese fondue set on amazon

Background information on the original “Swiss” cheese fondue

Cheese fondue – preparation and variants

Source: wikipedia

A cheese fondue is a dish of melted cheese sourced from the western alps – French-speaking Switzerland, Savoie and Piedmont and Aosta Valley. Meanwhile, the term is also used for similar dishes.

The basic ingredients of a cheese fondue traditionally include cheese, corn starch and white wine, as well as some kirsch, garlic and pepper, although the cheeses used are essential.

Cheese fondue is prepared in Switzerland in numerous regional variations. Among other things, the moitié-moitié (French for half-half) is widespread, in which half each used Vacherin and Gruyère. The Appenzeller Fondue is made exclusively from Appenzeller cheese. In the canton of Friborg, the fondue fribourgeoise is made from the cheese variety Freibacher Vacherin, sometimes from Vacherin and Gruyère in equal parts. In Geneva, a mixture of two parts of Gruyère and one part of raclette cheese is common. The Eastern Swiss prefer a mixture of equal parts Gruyère, Appenzeller and Tilsiter. In the Basel region is widespread a mixture of equal parts Gruyère, Vacherin and Appenzeller.

Käsefondue ist einfach ein Klassiker - jedes Jahr wieder!
Cheese fondue is simply a classic – every year!

From France comes the fondue savoyarde (Savoyard fondue), which consists of the cheeses Emmentaler, Comté and Beaufort. Specialties from north-western Italy are the Fonduta valdostana (Aosta Valley fondue) and Fonduta piemontese (Piedmont fondue), which is prepared on the basis of Fontina with butter, egg yolk, milk and white truffles.

Another variant is the champagne fondue, where sparkling wine or champagne is used instead of white wine. In addition, cheese fondues are also flavored with tomatoes, herbs or other spices.

Since alcohol remains in the cheese despite cooking, for a non-alcoholic cheese fondue instead of wine, sweet must or broth may be used (with the addition of lemon juice to counteract cheese toughness).

In many supermarkets and dairies cheese fondues are available as a finished product, which can be added directly to the caquelon without any further ingredients. As a simplified version of the oven cheese has found distribution.

Cheese fondue – serving and enjoying

Vielseitige Zutaten fürs Käsefondue
Versatile ingredients for cheese fondue

Cheese fondue is almost always eaten in groups with good friends. The heated mixture is placed at table in a special pot of mostly ceramic, the Caquelon, on the rechaud. Participants place bread or boiled potato pieces on a long fork, hold them in the liquid cheese, and make circular movements until the bread or potato is coated.

The pieces of bread are cut or plucked from white bread. Each piece of bread should have some crust, as this makes it easier to fix the pieces on the fork. Fresh bread is considered less suitable. The Swiss trade also offers special fondue breads, flat, pre-notched white breads.

In some regions, the fondue is not eaten with skewed pieces of bread, but the bread pieces or potatoes are doused with the liquid cheese by means of a ladle. This type of preparation creates a bridge to raclette.

Originally, no side dishes were served with the fondue. Today, however, sour vegetables, cucumbers, onions, cornichons and mixed pickles are often used, as well as Bündnerfleisch in eastern Switzerland and canned or fresh fruit in Ticino. In French Savoy, raw ham is widely used as a side dish.

Traditionally, dry white wine (in Switzerland Fendant, Savoy wine in France) or tea is drunk with the cheese fondue. Often the fondue is accompanied by a glass of brandy with kirsch, which – a popular misconception – is used as a remedy for hard-lying cheese. If the cheese mass is too thick, add sodium bicarbonate (or soda) in small quantities. This forms carbonic acid in the fondue with the liquid and makes it more airy and easily digestible.

At the bottom of the caquelone emerges a croûton, religious or nun or grandmother called crust, which can be scratched out and eaten. In Lower Valais, it is customary to mix the last fifth of the fondue mixture with anise brandy and egg yolk, which makes it particularly strong.

Fondue is also served as a late breakfast in the Romandie countryside and elsewhere in the Alps.

Cheese fondue – history and legends

The fondue is said to have been invented by alps dairy men. They would have, cut off from the environment, tried new recipe variants with the food available to them – cheese and bread. However, it can be assumed that this is just a legend.

From stories it is clear that monks were not allowed to eat solid food during Lent; By melting cheese, hunger was quenched without breaking the fasting rule. In Switzerland, the explanation is widespread, the origin of the fondue lying in the Kappeler milk soup, which was eaten at peace in the first Kappelerkrieg.

The exact origin of the cheese fondue is unclear. Both Switzerland and Savoy in France (where it is known as a fondue savoyarde as a national specialty) raise the claim to the origin of the fondue. The cheese fondue as a Swiss national dish has only existed since the 1950s – only with the inclusion of the court in the army cookbooks fondue became known throughout Switzerland. The military men brought the recipe from military service to the families. To this day, fondue cooking is a men’s business in many households.

Probably the first fondue recipe in German comes from the cookbook of the Anna Maria Gessner from Zurich, which she wrote in 1699: “Thu a half glässlin full of wine in a leaf and the glutpfann and thu geschabten or torn old feke käss darein and let him cook in the wine , he bit off gantz and you do not feel the wine in the kusten anymore. ”

The first fondue as a finished product was launched in 1955. In the 1970s and 1980s, a broad advertising campaign was conducted in Switzerland under the motto “Fondue isch guet and git e gueti luune” (Fondue is good and makes a good mood). You could rent sets with caquelon, rechaud and forks in almost every cheese dairy for a small fee. Today, this service is superfluous, as a complete set is available in most Swiss households.

Preparing cheese fondue outdoors at a cooking fire

An important aspect of fondue dining is social gathering, starting at best with the preparation of the dish and supported by factors such as the simplicity of the meal and cooking over an open flame. For example, in the Romandie, fondue is often prepared in summer over a cooking fire.

Geselligkeit beim Käsefonue genießen
Enjoy socializing at the cheese fondue

Nutritional value cheese fondue

Allergen labeling and nutritional value table – according to the LMIV (EU No. 1169/2011).
100 grams of cheese contain:

Energy value 408 kcal
Fat 21,79 g
of it saturated 11,65 g
Sugar 21,73 g
Salt 0,05 g

*Cheeses containing less than 0.1% lactose are defined as lactose free!

Weight 0,5 kg

Cow's milk, cheese-making, natural lab, iodine-free table salt


Name of cheese

Alpine cheese mild, 4 months matured, Emmental cheese, Master cheesemaker cheese

Additional Ingredients

lemon juice, potato starch, spices, wine

Taste Intensity


Storage conditions

Store refrigerated at +4 ° C to +8 ° C


Alpen Sepp

Country of origin


Type of cheese

Austrian semi-hard cheese made from thermized, silo-free hay milk, Traditionally hand-made Austrian hard cheese from silage-free raw milk (hay milk)




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Cheese fondue - ready to use cheese fondue
Premium Cheese Fondue | Cheese ready-meal specialty made from hay milk® in a bag | aromatic + spicy | 500 grams