Subscription variety in the indulgence shop

All SUBSCRIPTIONS are also a gift

If it is, it’s with effect, isn’t it? We have given two of our subscriptions the name “gift subscription”, but that doesn’t have to be the case. If you look at it closely, every one of our indulgence subscriptions is a wonderful gift for the palate. Again and again!


  • Almost all subscriptions with a term of 3, 6 or 12 months. Also unlimited.
  • Random subscription for regular alternation in the fridge
  • 2 kg subscription with semihard cheese

Are you missing a subscription variant? Let us know!

To the subscription variants


Ordering a subscription couldn’t be easier:

  1. Select your subscription and proceed to checkout
  2. Fill in billing address
  3. Enter password (a registration is necessary, for a possibly necessary subscription administration later)
  4. Select form of payment, general terms and conditions and perishables dispatch
  5. Send order


Quite simple: Immediately. The first enjoyment package is already on its way to the next fresh shipment. All orders until Sunday 22 o’clock we dispatch on the following Tuesday. If the subscription is to start later, the order may only be ordered at this time.

We cannot consider any wishes at the time of dispatch internal dispatch procedure. Also not if these are entered in the comment field.

To the subscription variants
Bestellung eines Geschenksabo beim Alpen Sepp
Bestellung eines Geschenksabo beim Alpen Sepp
Lieferadresse und Persönlicher Gruss beim Alpen Sepp
Lieferadresse und Persönlicher Gruss beim Alpen Sepp

in case there are any questions

The order is identical to the normal subscription but with a different delivery address. It’s that simple and yet …

Frequently asked questions about gift subscription

Start - When does the subscription start??

Quite simple: Immediately. The subscription is simply ordered when you want to get started and not earlier.

We can not consider any wishes at the time of shipping internal shipping process. Also not if these are entered in the comment field.

Shipping costs? Once or several times?

Each time a parcel is shipped, the parcel service charges a fee for the transport.

Therefore we also charge the flat shipping fee for each shipment.

The parcel should go to - delivery address

The order is identical to the normal subscription but with an additional delivery address.

After entering the data for the invoice, simply activate “DELIVERY TO OTHER ADDRESS” and enter the address where we should send the parcel.

Personal congratulations on the pleasure delivery

Use the field “order notes” to send a personal message to the recipient. The field is below the delivery address.

We print this personal message directly on the delivery note attached to the parcel.

Do not include a bill in the gift package

It is never appropriate if the gift contains the purchase price, i.e. the invoice is enclosed. We always send the invoice as PDF by e-mail.

The first handover is to follow in person?

Of course, this is possible and there are two variants. Explanation with the example Christmas on 24.12.

Subscription variant with second order

First order on December 15th contains NO ABO and no delivery address. The subscription is ordered in mid-January with a term of 3 months.

Subscription variant with address update

Order of subscription on 15 December without delivery address. The package comes to you for personal delivery. Once the gift has been handed over, log into the customer area and update the delivery address under “Subscriptions” in the relevant subscription.