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Thank you very much for your interest in our high product quality from the Alps.

Currently it is not possible to buy directly in the online shop with an address in Switzerland or Liechtenstein. Our shop should make it as easy as possible for the customer to order the desired product and get it delivered. However, the effort and the costs of a customs clearance per package completely prevent this. As a result, the order as well as the effective delivery can not be automated “at the click of a mouse”. We ask for your understanding, but it works differently.

Delivery to Switzerland and Liechtenstein is still possible!

An order is possible in any case – also conveniently online – with billing and delivery address in Germany and Austria. Use the convenient package address of, for example, www.grenzpaket.ch in the area close to the border. A FAST parcel pickup is of course absolutely necessary, since food!

From a delivery weight of 10 kilograms, a shipment directly to Switzerland is possible. Please let us know your product request by e-mail at info (at) alpensepp.shop or by phone +43 676 6882000. You will then receive an offer including delivery to Switzerland.

Your team from AlpenSepp® international