Do you recommend the Alpen Sepp cheese project? What are you waiting for?

“Nothing in the world is as powerful as an idea whose time has come” – Victor Hugo

Get to know, recommend & win!
Get to know, recommend & win!

Do you also have the feeling that you have not yet fully exhausted your buyer potential?

Do you want to open up new potential customers with little financial effort?

Then Alpen Sepp is a possible strategic cooperation partner for you. Together we can increase our number of customers – with low CPO costs for each other.

Why cooperation marketing?

There are brands and products that appeal to exactly the same people. And yet they do not represent competition. On the contrary: Together we can give our customers interesting tips on high-quality products and recommend each other.

If, for example, we cooperate with our Alpenkäse with a selected wine dealer, synergies are successfully exploited: We test each other to find the right wine for the cheese and then recommend each other with our best knowledge and conscience. We benefit from this both from each other and from our customers by recommending added value.

The result is a triple win-win-win situation. And in the long term, together we strengthen our competitiveness, customer loyalty and win new market shares at low cost.

Numerous customers already appreciate the special and honest cheese recommendations from our cooperation partners such as and

Efficient, strategic forms of cooperation in online shopping

Strategic cooperation can take place in many ways. Simply share your ideas and cooperation approaches with us and let us discuss them with you. Professional cooperation is very welcome.

YES, I love alpine cheese and talk about it!
YES, I love alpine cheese and talk about it!

The registration of interest is quite simple:

  1. Just give us a call – that’s what we like best!
  2. Please register your interest in our cooperation program below and we will call you back immediately. You will receive your confirmation from us as soon as possible after the cooperation check. The target group of Alpen Sepp are all cheese lovers, gift seekers and friends who are looking for something special.

Your advantages with the Alpen Sepp Cooperation Programme

  • Own affiliate system – no external platform
  • Personal contact management and search for ideas or optimisations
  • Individual agreements and advertising material or campaigns
  • Negotiable, mutual commission
  • Negotiable payout times

Advertising material and special requests

We organize everything after personal arrangement in order to mutually extend our success.


Request for Alpen Sepp Onlineshop Cooperation Marketing