Here is First Aid for a Successful Order!

Our immediate telephone hotline is readily available and is mostly accessible from Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Alternatively, simply use the written direct contact.

However, most of the time there are only small hurdles that can be quickly resolved:

  • ALL MANDATORY FIELDS must be filled out!
  • The PHONE NUMBER is a mandatory field and sometimes very important, for example, if the package driver cannot find the address or if we need a quick query to be able to ship.
  • A HOUSE NUMBER is absolutely necessary for successful parcel delivery. Please check if all fields have been correctly filled when using automatic filling (via PayPal or Amazon Pay).
  • TERMS AND CONDITIONS and CANCELLATION POLICIES are also necessary for a successful order.
  • The order is only successful if the order confirmation page is displayed after clicking the BUY NOW button.
  • Didn’t receive an email after placing the order? Please check BOTH SPAM FOLDERS. The local one on your device and the spam folder in webmail.
AlpenSepp Checkout Page
AlpenSepp Checkout Page

Known Issues That Can Hinder Your Shopping

Disable Blocking Extensions in the Browser!

Blocker extensions can EXTREMELY impair the basic functions of an online shop. This can go so far that content is no longer displayed, payment systems no longer work, or an order cannot be completed at all. Well-known browser extensions for this are:

  • NoScript (
    NoScript is a browser extension that prevents automatic JavaScript functions in the browser. The consequence is that, for example, a product can no longer be added to the shopping cart. Or the redirection to the chosen payment method for paying the order is blocked.
  • AdBlocker (
    AdBlocker is an extension that basically prevents advertising displays on the homepage. This does not necessarily impair an online shop. However, this extension can block the display of assistance or additional information about individual products.

Always use an up-to-date browser for surfing the Internet!

Choose among these three internet programs for modern and multimedia web surfing. Please always remember to use the latest version. Of course, there are other browsers that are also recommendable, such as Opera or Safari (on Mac).