Bladder campion – Silene vulgaris

Herbs profile

  • Latin Name: Silene Vulgaris
  • Silenos: Greek thick-bellied nature spirits, the name refers to the inflated calyx.
  • Vulgaris: lat. ordinary
  • Family: Clove Family / Caryophyllaceae
  • Feed type: Herbs

Common Bladder campion – Silene Vulgaris

The bladder campion is a perennial herbaceous plant. It reaches a growth height of 20 – 50 cm.

Like all carnations it has opposite leaves. Like the whole plant, these are bare and have bluish tires. The inflorescence is also typical of the two-branched plant family.

The overgrown calyx is inflated and clear nerves can be seen. The petals themselves are white and protrude from this calyx. Pollinators are mainly moths and long-necked bumblebees, which are attracted by the scent emitted during the night.

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Occurrence of Bladder campion

The blister carnation grows on dry, change-moist, non-acidic and nitrogen-poor soils in meadows from lowlands to high mountains.

In addition to the form found in meadows, there are also subspecies that colonise limestone debris or soils rich in heavy metals.

Effect of Bladder campion

The feed value of the plant is moderate. The deep roots used to be boiled into soapy water.

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