Bristly hawkbit / Rough hawkbit

Herbs profile

  • Latin Name: Leontodon hispidus ssp. hispidus
  • Leon: greek lion
  • Odon: greek tooth
  • Hispidus: lat. harsh
  • Family: Compositae/Asteraceae
  • Feed type: Herbs

Bristly hawkbit (Leontodon hispidus ssp. hispidus)

The stiff-haired bristly hawkbit (Leontodon hispidus) is a plant-type from the type Leontodon (dandelion). The plant is persistent, with an oblique to horizontal rootstock.

The stem leaves are united in basal rosettes and with very differently shaped leaf edges. There are leaves that are only remotely toothed or cut to varying depths, as well as pinnate leaves.

The unbranched, shaft-like, up to 50 cm high, firm stem carries up to 2 scale-shaped bracts (in contrast to dandelion/Taraxacum with easily compressible and completely leafless stem) and at the end a flower basket with yellow ray florets.

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Occurrence bristly hawkbit

Bristly hawkbit is found in various types of meadows and pastures as well as in light forests and is one of the most common grassland herbs from the valley to far beyond the forest line. There it is one of the character species of the mountain fat meadows (Polygono-Trisetion).

Effect bristly hawkbit

The white latex-bearing plant is one of the good forage herbs.

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