Carthusian Carnation

Herbs profile

  • Latin name: Dianthus Carthusianorum
  • Dios: anthosgreek flower of Zeus
  • Carthusiani: meaning “carthusiani” refers to the Carthusian monks in the landscape of the same name in the Western Alps.
  • Family: Clove Family / Caryophyllaceae
  • Feed type: Herbs
Carthusian Carnation - Dianthus carthusianorum

Carthusian Carnation – Dianthus Carthusianorum

The beautiful Carthusian Carnation is a perennial unbranched plant. It reaches a height of 15 – 45 cm.

It has very narrow, linear leaves. As is characteristic of the clove family, these stand opposite each other and, like the whole plant, are hairless. The five flowers are surrounded by brown bracts and grouped into heads.

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Occurrence of the Carthusian carnation

The Carthusian carnation is a typical plant of warm and dry calcareous grasslands and tresps of semi-dry grasslands. It is unfortunately quickly pushed back by intensive use.

Effect of the Carthusian carnation

The feed value is rather low, but as a butterfly it is of great importance for many butterfly species.

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