English ryegrass

Grass profile

  • Latin name: Lolium perenne
  • Lolium: lat. Lolch, a grass species, individual species of the genus are attacked by fungi, which cause dizziness when consumed.
  • Perenne: lat. perennial
  • Family: Sweetgrasses / Poaceae
  • Type of forage: Grasses

English ryegrass – Lolium perenne

The English ryegrass is a wintergreen grass that forms dense lawns with the help of runners. The individual blades of grass can grow up to 60 cm high, the leaves up to 6 mm wide.

The spikelets consist of 6 – 10 flowers, the glumes do not carry any beards. In contrast to the various quark species, the spikelets stand with their narrow side towards the stem.

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Occurrence of English ryegrass

The species is very common from the lowlands to the low mountain ranges on nutrient-rich (especially nitrogen-enriched) and heavy soils. Very often it is also sown, in heavily used meadows it often forms monocultures. At higher altitudes it is limited by its sensitivity to frost.

Effect of English ryegrass

The English ryegrass is a forage plant of high value. Due to its high tread resistance, this grass is very suitable for sports and leisure lawns.

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