Great burnet

Herbs profile

  • Latin Name: Sanguisorba Officinalis
  • Sanguis: lat. blood
  • Sorbere: lat. absorb, refers to the deep red flower heads
  • Officin: lat. workroom, old expression for pharmacy
  • Family: Rose Family / Rosaceae
  • Feed type: Herbs

Great burnet – Sanguisorba Officinalis

The Great burnet is a persistent, herbaceous plant. It reaches a height of about 100 cm.

The upright stem of the plant is round, grooved and glabrous, sometimes the base is hairy. The stem leaves are arranged in pairs, the upper side of the leaves is dark green, the underside blue-green.

The leaves are round with a serrated edge. The small deep red to brown flower heads are arranged in small cylindrical heads.

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Great burnet occurrence

The great meadow prefers to grow on alternately dry to moist, neutral soils, which are rich in nutrients – from the plain to the subalpine level.

Effect great burnet

It is an excellent fodder plant, which is particularly rich in minerals and is eaten by grazing livestock, especially when young. Among the ingredients, various tannins and saponins are of particular importance. They have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and haemostatic effects.

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