Greater burnet-saxifrage

Herbs profile

  • Latin Name: Pimpinella major
  • Pimpinelladie: Origin of the name is unclear
  • Maior: lat. bigger
  • Family: umbellifers / Apiaceae
  • Feed type: Herbs

Greater burnet-saxifrage – Pimpinella major

The Pimpinella major is a very versatile, persistent plant with a strong rootstock. It reaches a growth height of about 40 – 100 cm.

The plant has a bare, hollow stem with sharp-edged furrows. The leaves are simply pinnate, the individual leaflets are toothed.

When they are rubbed, they exude an aromatic smell. The small flowers are arranged in umbels.

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Occurrences Greater burnet-saxifrage

The large plant is a fat meadow plant that thrives on nutrient-rich, loamy soils. In the valleys white flowering breeds are common, in the higher regions pink ones.

Effect Greater burnet-saxifrage

The fodder value of the plants is good, they are also often eaten by grazing cattle.

Humans have been using the beaver’s nettle since the 16th century, among other things as a preventive measure against the epidemics that were rampant at the time.

Today, the rootstock is mainly used as a cough remedy, for oral hygiene and to strengthen the digestive organs. Beavernelle is also added to gastric bitternelle for flavouring. The essential oils coumarin and saponin are pharmacologically relevant.

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