Ground Ivy

Herbs profile

  • Latin Name: Glechoma Hereracea
  • Glechon: greek. Name for the Polei mint, which was later transferred to the Ground Ivy.
  • Family: Lipwort / Lamiaceae
  • Feed type: Herbs

Ground Ivy – Glechoma Hereracea

The Ground Ivy is a plant crawling on the ground and rooting at the knots. Its flowering shoots are 10 – 30 cm high.

It has cruciform, kidney-shaped / heart-shaped leaves which are notched at the edge. In its armpits there are pale violet flowers with a dark mark on the lower lip, which form very sugar-rich nectar and are therefore very valuable for flower visitors.

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Occurrence Ground Ivy

The Ground Ivy prefers among other things moist, nutrient-rich soils on meadows and fields and on calcareous subsoil.

Effect Ground Ivy

The Ground Ivy is a well-known medicinal plant and contains essential oils and flavonoids. Folk medicine uses it for stomach upsets, against coughs and externally for poorly healing wounds.

According to a medieval belief, the Ground Ivy was protective against cows’ witches, but it is poisonous for horses. The feed value is indicated as low.

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