Lady’s Mantle Types

Herbs profile

  • Latin Name: Alchemilla Species
  • Alchemilla: The name refers to the alchemists who used the dew on the lady’s mantle, the German name refers to the Virgin Mary and her cape.
  • Family: Rose Family / Rosaceae
  • Feed type: Herbs

Lady’s Mantle Species – Alchemilla Species

The lady’s mantle is a perennial perennial. It reaches a growth height of approx. 30 cm.

The leaves are long stemmed, round and seven to eleven-lobed with hand-like nerve and toothed leaf edge. A dewdrop in the form of water is formed on the leaves, especially at night, which is excreted from special pores.

The yellow-green flowers, which are only a few millimetres in size, stand in branched inflorescences. Since the lady’s mantle can also reproduce asexually, a great variety of forms has developed that can only be distinguished by specialists.

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Occurrence of lady’s mantle species

The lady’s mantle species occur in well water- and nutrient-supplied meadows, especially at higher altitudes. A high nitrogen supply can lead to mass development.

Effect of Lady’s Mantle Species

Among the ingredients of importance are flavonoids, bitter substances and tannins.

In particular, Agrimoniin was found to completely inhibit the growth of mammary tumours in animals. Extracts and tinctures are used for various diseases of the digestive tract in animals.

Teas are also used in human medicinal plant practice for blood cleansing, inflammation of the pharynx and digestive problems. Due to its high protein content, the lady’s mantle is a valuable food plant.

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