Meadow vetchling, meadow pea or meadow pea-vine

Herbs profile

  • Latin Name: Lathyrus pratensis
  • Lathyros: greek flat pea, modest food of poor people
  • Pratum: lat. meadow
  • Family: Butterflyflowers/Fabaceae
  • Fodder type: Legumes
Meadow vetchling, meadow pea - Lathyrus pratensis

Meadow pea (Lathyrus pratensis)

The meadow pea is a plant species of the genus pea. It is the most common Lathyrus species in Central Europe. The meadow pea is a perennial climbing plant that forms runners. It reaches growth heights of 30 to 100 cm. Like most papilionaceous plants, it has root nodules with nitrogen-binding, symbiotic bacteria.

The leaves are pinnate leaves with a pair of sub-leaves and a tendril. The yellow flowers are arranged in bunches and are mainly pollinated by bumble bees. The fruits are flattened pods that turn black.

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Occurrence meadow pea

The meadow pea prefers nutrient-rich, fresh meadows with loamy soil.

Effect meadow pea

The plants are rich in proteins, but they are not eaten because they contain bitter substances. During intensive use, i.e. frequent pruning or permanent grazing, they disappear from the farmland.

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