Meadows Eyebright

Herbs profile

  • Latin name: Euphrasia Officinalis ssp. Rostkoviana
  • Euphrasia: greek. happiness, well-being
  • Officin: lat. workroom, old expression for pharmacy
  • Rostkov: the name goes back to the botanist Rostkov
  • Family: Summerroot Family / Orobanchaceae
  • Feed type: Herbs

Common Meadows Eyebright – Euphrasia Officinalis ssp. Rostkoviana

The eyebright is an annual semi-parasite on various meadow plants. It can extract minerals and nutrients from other plants with the help of sucking roots.

The leaves face each other in pairs on the stem. The double-lipped flowers stand individually in the armpits of the leaves. The characteristic colour spots and sap smears are striking and show pollinators the right way.

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Occurrence Meadows Eyebright

The eyebright prefers dry to fresh and lean meadows and pastures. Intensive grassland farming leads to its displacement.

When masses occur, the grazing yield is reduced. This is how popular names such as “Millidiab” came about.

Effect Meadows Eyebright

The plants are used in folk medicine for inflammatory eye diseases, which can be traced back mainly to the theory of signatures. The flowers are supposed to remind of an eye. In the meantime, the anti-inflammatory healing effect has also been scientifically proven.

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