Real caraway

Herbs profile

  • Latin name: Carum Carvi
  • Karon: Greek cumin, was later transferred to caraway.
  • Family: umbellifera / Apiaceae
  • Feed type: Herbs

Description Real Caraway – Carum Carvi

The real caraway known as spice is a two-part split fruit. With flowering the caraway reaches a height of 30 – 60 cm, under favourable conditions it can reach 120 cm.

Real caraway is a biennial plant. The plant has a spindle-shaped tap root. The branched stem developed from this has double pinnately divided, finely tapered leaves. The small white flowers are grouped in umbels.

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Occurrence of real caraway seeds

The real caraway prefers fatty meadows and pastures with moderate nutrient supply and rather acid soils.

Effect of real caraway

Caraway is one of the oldest spice plants and was already used in the Stone Age.

The plants contain a lot of essential oil, which has a very positive effect on digestion and relieves cramps in the gastrointestinal tract. The reproduction of certain bacteria is also inhibited, so that bad breath, for example, can be reduced.

Caraway is also used in veterinary medicine – for colic and stomach cramps in cattle. The fruits are also used to make eaux-de-vie and liqueurs.

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