Rough hawksbeard

Herbs profile

  • Latin Name: Crepis biennis
  • Krepis: greek shoe, the name goes back to Theophrast, a Greek natural scientist of antiquity, the meaning has not been clarified.
  • Biennis: lat. two years old
  • Family: Compositae/Asteraceae
  • Feed type: Herbs

Rough hawksbeard (Crepis biennis)

The rough hawksbeard is a plant species within the family of the composite family (Asteraceae). It is widespread in Europe. For St. Gallen (CH) near Werdenberg, the term bird thistle is also used as a trivial name.

The Rough hawksbeard is a biennial plant. It grows to a height of 120 cm. The stem is strongly branched in the upper section.

The leaves at the base are clearly stalked, the stem leaves sit without stalk. All leaves have more or less deeply divided saw teeth. There are numerous flower heads which contain several yellow ray florets and are surrounded by blackish bracts. The whole plant contains plenty of latex.

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Occurrence rough hawksbeard

The rough hawksbeard is a very common plant, which is widespread everywhere. It is particularly found in nutrient-rich, not too intensively used mowing meadows with fresh soils that are not over-fertilized with nitrogen. When the meadows are grazed, the rough hawksbeard disappears very quickly!

Effect rough hawksbeard

The coarse stems provide an equally coarse hay. Man appreciates the young leaves as wild lettuce.

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