Ruch grass

Grass profile

  • Latin name: Anthoxanthum Odoratum
  • Anthos: greek blossom
  • Xanthos: greek yellow
  • Odoratus: lat. fragrant
  • Family: Sweetgrasses / Poaceae
  • Type of forage: Grasses
Ruch grass - Anthoxanthum odoratum

Common Ruchgrass – Anthoxanthum Odoratum

The common ruch grass is a small, persevering, loosely horstig growing grass. It can grow up to 50 cm high.

The flowers are spike-like and change colour as the flowering period progresses from light green to brownish-yellow.

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Occurrence Common Ruch grass

Common ruch grass is a common grass from the plain to the mountains and can be found on almost all soils, especially on dry to moderately humid sites.

Effect of Common Ruch grass

It is not a particularly fertile forage grass and is avoided by grazing livestock because of its bitter taste. Due to its high coumarin content, it is responsible for the characteristic smell of hay and has been added to herbal cushions or snuff.

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