Grass profile

  • Latin Name: Phleum pratense
  • Phleos: greek tube, reed
  • Prater: lat. meadow, pratense points to the location meadow
  • Family: Sweetgrasses/Poaceae
  • Type of forage: Grasses

Meadow timothy grass (Phleum pratense)

Meadow Timothy is a species of the genus Timothy within the family of sweet grasses. It is also known as Timothy grass and is often found on the market as bird or cat grass.

Meadow timothy is a perennial grass that forms loose nests. The growth height of the hollow stalks is 30 to 100 cm. The stalks can root at the lowest knots when they are in contact with the ground. The leaves are blue-green and rough. The flowers in the spikelets are arranged in very dense, cylindrical panicles.

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Occurrence meadow timothy grass

Meadow timothy grass is widespread from the lowlands to the mountains and is also cultivated because of its high feed value and good mowing tolerance. It prefers nutrient-rich, heavy soils and also occurs more intensively and in large quantities in the “slurry meadows”.

Effect of timothy grass

The pollen of this grass is among other things responsible for grass pollen allergies and is also used in therapy. Like other grasses, the plants can be infected with the ergot fungus. This produces toxic alkaloids which lead to hallucinations and massive circulatory disorders. In the cultivation of animal feed, therefore, limit values are prescribed in the ordinances.

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