Tufted vetch, cow vetch, bird vetch, blue vetch or boreal vetch

Herbs profile

  • Latin Name: Vicia cracca
  • Vincire: lat. wreathe
  • Cracca: lat. for all kinds of leguminous plants
  • Family: Butterflyflowers/Fabaceae
  • Fodder type: Legumes

Bird Vetch (Vicia cracca)

The bird-vetch is a plant species of the genus Vetches (Vicia) in the family of the leguminous plants (Fabaceae). It is widespread in Eurasia. The bird-vetch is a climbing perennial with deep roots. It grows to 30 to 120 cm. The square stem has rennet leaves with 6 to 15 pairs of feathers and a terminal tendril.

Nitrogen-binding, symbiotic bacteria live in root nodules at the roots. The purple butterfly blossoms are numerous in one-sided, i.e. on one side turned grapes.

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Occurrence of bird vetch

The bird-vetch mainly populates meadows and fields on fresh loam and clay soils. It reacts sensitively to permanent grazing and frequent pruning.

The spread of the bird-vetch is promoted by humans, it is already known since the Stone Age as a typical culture companion.

Effect of bird vetch

The bird vetch is one of the protein suppliers like all legumes. Since it is not edible for humans, it was given the name bird vetch: vetch left to the birds.

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