Cheese Cream Soup Recipe

Cheese cream soup recipe of Gabriele from the farm Rusch in Au

Cheese cream soup is always ideal for us when things have to go fast. With our mountain cheese you have a warm meal that everyone tastes.

As is so often the case, the final result of a dish lies in the ingredients used. Thanks to our mountain cheese, the soup is a popular warm-up snack for our house guests in winter.

In our farming family, cream cheese soup is often served as a main course with fresh bread. You can also use the cheese soup as a starter in winter.

Cheese cream soup Preparation and recipe – it’s as simple as that:

  1. Lightly brown the flour in butter – to varying degrees depending on your taste.
  2. add with milk
  3. add the grated mountain cheese
  4. improve / optimize with cream
  5. season as desired

Cooking pleasure and highest enjoyment through alpine hay milk cheese. We ♥ Cheese

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Ideal cheese for the cheese soup with mountain cheese in the cheese shop