Cheese spaetzle receipe - cheese noodles

Cheese spaetzle recipe of Judith from the farm Bischof in Mellau

CHEESE SPAETZLE in the “Bischof” way are a real speciality. If only one could stop eating them beyond hunger.

The secret of the taste of our recipe essentially depends on the cheese mixture used. If you save on the cheese mixture (cheap), you will also taste this in the cheese dish result. The situation is completely different with our cheese mix in the shop. You and your guests will be delighted.

Another important criterion is the prepared noodles quality – too soft is not possible – and too hard is not good either. You can’t get enough of Judith’s excellent recipe.

The Bischof family wishes you every success!

Cheese spaetle (noodles) recipe and preparation:

  1. Mix the spaetzle dough (egg, salt and flour) with water until it has a viscous consistency.
  2. Then create the noodles with this TOOL in boiling water, skim off if necessary, do not boil water with finished noodles!
  3. Prepare a dish and always add a layer of freshly skimmed noodles and a layer of grated mountain cheese (spicy and mild mix).
    Optional: Depending on your taste, you can also add some grated smelly/spicy cheese to the grated cheese mixture. The old cheese gives the taste and the middle or new cheese gives the “threads”. Mix briefly.
  4. Fry chopped onions in butter until golden brown and pour over.
  5. Serve fresh

Cooking pleasure and highest enjoyment through alpine hay milk cheese. We ♥ Cheese

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Ideal cheese for the cheese noodles with granted cheese in the cheese shop