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Cheese sale in the online shop.
Why project cheese direct sales with the Gourmet Shop AlpenSepp®?

“Nothing in the world is as powerful as an idea whose time has come” – Victor Hugo

Can you imagine the following? You are a alps area farmer and you are doing a really great job. Thanks to many political circumstances, your work is not paid for by yourself, but you are additionally dependent on the payment of subsidies (a kind of alms), because otherwise it will not run out. Question: “How does it feel?

In practice, 12 litres of fresh alps hay-milk are needed for one kilogram of artisanal cheese. Mass cheese produced in large quantities is offered on the European market at the cheapest prices. The fact that our high-quality alpine cheese, with a lot of manual work, does not run out of this probably needs no further explanation. High-quality alpine cheese is a luxury product and available in limited quantities. It should not and must not serve us as a staple food.

This consideration alone was more than enough reason to take advantage of today’s reach of the modern Internet and to supply the cheese enjoyment – directly from the cheese cellar – to the cheese lovers in the household with a NEW online shop.

Founder of the Alpen Sepp Project fltr.: Stephan Hohn, Dietmar Hohn
Founder of the Alpen Sepp Project fltr.: Stephan Hohn, Dietmar Hohn

We have incredibly great and committed farmers in the our Austrian area and in the Alps. We say yes to farmers’ policy, we demand fair prices and not charity! MASS Agricultural policy – NOT with US!

Cheese sale in the shop. At Alpen Sepp you always know what you are buying! We strive for quality – and you?

Our cheeses come 100% from selected alpine dairies and the Bregenzerwald area. You can also visit our alpine dairies at any time and watch.

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