European Troll Flower

Herbs profile

  • Latin name: Trollius Europaeus
  • Trulleus: lat. round vessel
  • Family: Buttercup Family / Ranunculaceae
  • Feed type: Herbs

European Troll Flower – Trollius Europaeus

The troll flower is a perennial herbaceous plant. It reaches a growth height of 20 – 60 cm. The troll flower has a rhizome as a storage organ from which one or more stems spring.

These and the deeply divided leaves are completely hairless. The flower shape of a ball is very characteristic. The petal envelope is inclined together, connected by special nectar leaves with nectar glands at the base. After fertilization, the characteristic bellows fruits develop from the many free pistils.

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Occurrence of the European troll flower

The troll flower is at home in nutrient-rich and moist to wet soils, both in valleys and mountains.

However, many sites have been lost due to drainage and the troll flower has become an increasingly rare sight. For this reason it is partly protected in Austria.

Effect of the European troll flower

Like all buttercup plants, the trollflower is at least slightly poisonous and is avoided by grazing animals.

Contact with the fresh sap can cause reddening of the skin. During drying, the toxic protoanemonin is broken down and is therefore unproblematic in hay.

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