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  1. Enter your personal data and address with home/flat number
  2. Select the desired form of payment in the right column
  3. Accept the “General Terms and Conditions” and our “weekly delivery of fresh food” in the right column
  4. Click on the button “BUY PLEASE PAYMENT”
    After selecting the form of payment the purchase is completed or you will be forwarded to the payment provider to carry out the payment.
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Known obstacles that can make your purchase more difficult

Our online shop is protected by an automatic international anti-spam network to protect our shop and our customer data. Unfortunately, automatic detections are not error-free. If, for example, the fields on the cash page are automatically filled with the Autofill function of the browser, the protection system may interpret this incorrectly and activate a protection block.

At this moment you will be redirected to a “protection info page with tasks” where you can prove that you are human. If this does not work it is also possible on this page to initiate a check by our technical team.

We use the technology of automatic country recognition based on the IP address. If this does not work, the country must be selected manually.

Landauswahl ist ein Pflichtfeld

Disable blocking extensions in your browser
Blocker extensions disrupt extremely basic functions of any online shop. This can go so far that content can no longer be displayed, payment systems no longer function or an order can not be completed at all. The following are typical extensions which are known for problems with online shops. The only help is to deactivate them for our online shop:

  • NoScript (http://www.google.at/search?q=noscript)
    NoScript is a browser extension which prevents automatic JavaScript functions in the browser. The result is that e.g. a product can no longer be placed in the shopping cart. The order button is not functional or the forwarding to the payment provider such as PayPal, Sofortüberweisung or credit card does not take place.
    Script Blocker deaktivieren
  • AdBlocker (http://www.google.at/search?q=adblocker)
    AdBlocker is an extension which basically prevents unwanted and annoying advertisements. This extension will not affect your purchase. However, Adblocker can block the display of help or additional information about individual products.
    Adblocker deaktivieren

Always use a current browser to surf the Internet – without exception!

From experience we can recommend the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Live Chat nutzen

We introduced live chat for several reasons. The main reason was to quickly answer questions about the products. But also to be able to offer quick help something in the shop should not work. For a quick help it is always very helpful if we know which operating system and version you are using, name and version of the browser, error messages (if displayed) and a short description what does not work.

Please understand if the chat is not open 24 hours a day. We are online as often as possible for you!