Yorkshire fog, tufted grass or meadow soft grass

Grass profile

  • Latin Name: Holcus lanatus
  • Holcus: the origin of the designation is unclear
  • Lanatus: lat. wooly
  • Family: Sweetgrasses/Poaceae
  • Type of forage: Grasses

Yorkshire fog grass (Holcus lanatus)

The yorkshire fog grass is a plant species that belongs to the sweet grass family. It is widespread in Eurasia and North Africa. Regional trivial names in German are Bottermeddel, Honigmeddel, Honigschmale, Pein, Sametschmale, Witten Meddel or Zuckerschmale.

The yorkshire fog grass is a perennial grass growing in dense horsts. It grows up to 100 cm high. The stalks are often bent at the base and have dense velvety hairs, as are the leaf sheaths and the glumes. The panicle is reddish-violet in colour and is widespread during flowering. It contracts before flowering and after flowering.

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Occurrence yorkshire fog

The yorkshire fog is a very frequent meadow grass up to medium altitudes, often on nitrogenous and weakly acidic soils. It is a character species of the European meadows.

Effect yorkshire fog

The fodder value is moderate, the plants are eaten by the cattle only in the young condition gladly and rather badly digested.

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