Genuine bedstraw

Herbs profile

  • Latin Name: Galium Verum
  • Gala: Greek Milk
  • Verum: lat. real
  • Family: Coffee plants / Rubiaceae
  • Feed type: Herbs

Description real genuine bedstraw – Galium Verum

The real bedstraw is a perennial. It reaches a height of approx. 10 – 70 cm. The stem is at least above clearly square and carries numerous leaf whorls to 6 – 12 leaves.

The leaf tops are very shiny and the leaf edge is rolled down. Like the stem, the undersides of the leaves are short-haired and matt. The perennial leaves are very narrow – linear, needle-like, only up to about 1 mm wide and up to 15 mm long.

The small, honey-scented flowers have four golden yellow petals. They are grouped into dense, narrow panicles at the stem ends.

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Occurrence of real bedstraw

The real bedstraw has a relatively large amplitude at various locations. It ranges from dry grasslands to meadow meadows with low moisture content and moistened meadows with whistling grass. However, calcareous soils are preferred. The species is regarded as a lean indicator with a rather low feed value.

The plant adapted to drought is a popular bee pasture with main flowering during the summer months.

Effect of real bedstraw

The popular name bedstraw refers to the mostly historical use of the plant in cheese production. The Labkraut species contain the ferment rennet, in the case of the real Labkraut up to 1%.

The plant is also used in folk medicine. Above all, it is used as a diuretic and for skin diseases. However, there is no scientific confirmation of the effect. It is rarely used as a colorant, the flowers turn yellow (cheese) and the roots turn red.

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